Friday, 8 June 2018

Trying to find something to me changer les idées.. things to be thankful for? It's a pretty day today!
I'm meeting someone new later today. Pretty bloo skies. Happy Korean family playing on a canon in the park. Understanding supervisors. Nice cool breeze bringing bbq smells with it. Chichi.

Looking forward to my therapy session tomorrow. I need it.

There's  a person sleeping on a bench, I thought it was a hobo, but upon closer inspection (from across the ways), it's someone fully clad in leather. A woman. A very red woman. Someone is going to be in a lot of pain later.
I just got grazed by a bee...came at me quickly,  looked like a bumblebee, did not feel fuzz, just the sting of flapping wings!

Feeling a bit better. A bit. Must've of been nature "rubbing" onto my cheek!

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