Sunday, 14 June 2015

Just a day, like any other

Just a day like any other, only it doesn't feel like it.
What defines what a day is going to be like? Is it defined by going through daily routines which you can go through on most days, without much thought. Or is it by the state of mind you're in when you wake up? What defines a good day, and what does a bad? Are days that are sunny only good and those that are rainy only bad? But rainy days can be good too! Then isn't it all just based on perspective? What's good for me or bad for me, depending on my perspective, it can differ, isn't that so?

Is it possible to predefine a day as good or bad, before it unrolls itself? If it's been predefined, is there a way to shield it from going bad. I mean in the sense of not becoming a recluse. I know that others' actions cannot be stopped, but is there a way of protecting my good day? In a sense where "I don't give a care" to what they're doing..whether they're trying to incite or instigate? It's easy to say "don't get ravelled" but how do you keep that state of mind, even when they're looking for it, winding you, or trying to?

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