Saturday, 12 September 2015

Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich ~ A Stephanie Plum Novel

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter. 
Finding and bringing in skips is her job. Over the years, she's gotten better at chasing after skips and with her trusty "sidekick" Lula, you can be sure they'll eventually get their man, but the whole showdown will have you in stitches!

In Top Secret Twenty-One, Rangeman has been targeted in an assassination attempt! Thankfully, the attempt failed but we learn that someone from Ranger's past wants to settle a score with him and take out everyone close to him, including Stephanie! 

Stephanie's been chasing after a skip, Jimmy Poletti, a used car dealer who was selling more than used cars out of his dealership. Randy Briggs, who was Poletti's bookkeeper, turns up at Stephanie's doorstep, after someone bombed his home, asking for protection. He's got nowhere else to turn and, although the greatest pain in her backside, she allows him to stay in hopes of using him as bait to lure Poletti out.

Hilarious and captivating as always, Stephanie Plum doens't fail to deliver! She's true to herself and as unlucky as ever!

This was a hard book to put down, had I had the chance, I'd have read it in one sitting!

What I like about this series, is that you don't need to have read all the previous books to get into them. Whether you're new to the Stephanie Plum series, or a long-time fan (like I am), you'll be sure to enjoy this book!

Although, I'd recommend reading them all, if you have the chance, as they're quite hilarious.

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